the most wasted of all days is one without LAUGHTER.

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short holiday trip

so, i just got home. i had a tiring yet fun trip last weekend. i went to jakarta to visit my family and to attend one of my cousin's cousin wedding. i arrived in jakarta on saturday morning. i didn't have enough sleep the night before, so i was very sleepy. once i got home, i changed my clothes and get some sleep. then, my aunt wake me up. she asked me to go get some walk with my cousin. we were planning to watch a movie at the beginning, but then we cancel it because we didn't get any tickets. very frustrating. we had lunch and then we just walk around the mall. it was kinda boring, but me and my cousin had a good time together. we haven't meet for months and we've always been pretty close to each other so it was kinda okay. haha~ in the evening, i went to times bookstore to buy some books, but unfortunately i didn't get any book there. i got one from gramedia, though :D so its fine. the next day, i stayed in my grandpa's house for a few hours. then my uncle picked me up and we go to this fruit store, buy some fruits and some snacks. then we set home. later in the evening, we went to the wedding of one of my relatives (though i don't know who's getting married). and then this morning. we left the hotel early in the morning and (again) i don't get enough sleep last night. we went to the airport and since there's still some time left before we need to get on board the aircraft we get into the lounge to get something to eat. unfortunately, the lounge was the worst lounge i ever see! anyway, we get some food there. then we need to get on board the plane. well .... its not the best weekend i have in jakarta, but its good enough. i didn't go out much. but its fun anyway ^^


yeah this week is HELL for me. i have TONS and TONS of tests this week and NONE of them is PLEASANT. i had biology test yesterday and physics today. both HARD! *phew* thank god i got no tests for tomorrow. but there's math test on friday. and i'm going to do a frog dissection for bio tuesday next week. then economics test the next day. the week afterward, BM test on monday! oh, idk what i'm going to do. i feel like my head is going to EXPLODE anytime now. anyway since there's no tests tomorrow, i wanna read novel (vampire diaries!) and relax ^^


depuis lors--

okay, haven't been updating for quite some time. no time. last week has been a BUSY and TIRING week. hehe~ anyway, there were some events last week which i think is okay but i don't really enjoy it, to be honest :p sooo, first of all. on kartini's day last week (wed), we have to wear batik to school. i don't have any batik so at first i was planning not to come to school. *haha* but then my aunt bought a batik for me so i have to come *sigh*. anyway, its not as bad as i think afterall. hhaha. next. earth day (thu). on earth day, we have to wear green clothes to school. it was actually fine, except the part where we have to walk to school at the morning. not a long walk, but still, i don't like it. haha~ then on saturday. cita hati idol. it was held in TP and the contestants are all great and all that, but the venue! oh, it is in TP but the venue is just, well .. not ugly, just not good enough. but i like the contestants and congratulation to fenfen who wins the competition! she made a good performance. my favorite was her second performance, when she sang listen by beyonce. it was great! ^^ as for tomorrow. i got a biology exam. it was all about something system and something system, oh whatever, like i care. i guess i will learn about that tomorrow at school. way to tired already tonight. wish me luck for tomorrow anyway :D well that's it i guess. tired as hell! haha. gonna get some sleep already. i'm all drained up. bye! xoxo :p


while i'm working on my assignment

i'm working on my biology assignment at the moment, writing report and all that, and tell you what, i'm DYING! all of this research thing really is killing me softly, you know. okay, anyway, i'm researching about some kind of disease which i've never heard before and i can't even pronounce the name of the disease correctly and i don't understand a single thing about what i'm writing. the words doesn't make any sense for me. well, better get to work again if i wish to finish this thing before dawn :p


ce que je fais .........

i didn't do a lot of things today, but today is pretty much fun! hehe~ me and my sister were taking a walk in a mall and we watched a movie and all that. well ... FUN! :p

clash of the titans!

i finally watched clash of the titans today! i've been wanting to watch it ever since the movie first released but i just got the chance to watch it today, so i'm pretty happy :D gosh i LOVE that movie! the story is my favorite kind of movie since it's a story about greek mythology. the film tells the story of perseus when he tried to save argos from hades that is trying to destroy argos by using the power of kraken, child of hades. hades said the only way to prevent argos from destruction is by sacrificing princess andromeda, the princess of argos, to kraken. the king doesn't want to sacrifice his daughter so he sent off his men along with perseus to kill kraken. perseus, along with the soldiers, then set off to see the witches of stygia in order to find out a way to kill kraken. the witches told him that to kill kraken they have to use the gorgon head of medusa. so they go into medusa's lair. there, all the men that go into the lair with perseus were dead. perseus is the only survivor and he succeed with his mission to kill medusa. once he got medusa's head, he headed back to argos and save the princess. the story is SO COOL! you should watch it especially if you like the greek mythology ^^



SATURDAY! yeah today is saturday, my favorite day of the week :D weekend has finally arrive which means 2 days out of school and a chance to just relax and lay back. well, i don't have any special plan for today but i bet it will be a wonderful saturday anyway ^^.